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«What is a car for me?
I can’t answer this question categorically!
What is a veteran car for me?
First of all it is the biggest part of my life. My hobby. My job. My joy and sorrow.
That feeling when you stand near the car from the last century is beyond words. It has its own smell. Each one has its own story, a mystery. Can you guess who looked into the mirror or touched these sills? We know who stood at the origins. And therefore we can get our own portion of pleasure from a newly opened door or a sound of murmuring v8, revived after 50 years of silence.
We can learn something new from every car and we can share this knowledge. And it is undoubtedly
the biggest value.»


About us

We are the company of AM holding. Our main activities are selection and sale of spare parts for rare and exclusive cars. If you can’t find anything - we will find it! Please contact us.

What are we doing?

If your collection contains at least one old-timer, you probably know how difficult it is to find spare parts and expendable materials. Especially if you are looking for original production parts only. You can’t buy it in a store or find it online because sometimes it’s too long and tedious.

We do not offer you a "supermarket of retrodetails", but definitely we will be able to help you with the search. On there are more than 5000 original spare parts for cars and motorcycles from the USSR, and if anything is not available - we will find it for you as soon as possible.

Spare parts

The old cars have some kind of magic. They are not perfect but they are beautiful in its own way. They may come from childhood, when everything was easier and cars were bigger. Maybe they come from memories. But you must admit, it is important that everything has to be "real" in your favorite car. Every detail has to be imbued with the spirit of the time when the car was born.

How to order
Call us or send us an email

The easiest way to order rare or exclusive spare part from us - just call us or send us an email and our manager will contact you to clarify the details of the order. In addition, you can come to our office and discuss all the details on the spot.

Approve of the details of the order

After the approval of the details of the order, we will orient you about the delivery date and the amount of payment. If you can’t get the order personally, we will send it with express delivery to any place on the planet you specify.

Get a photographs

Previously we provide any video or photographs of the spare part to show its condition .

How to get
Get spare parts
one of two ways

Two easiest ways to get spare parts that you have ordered:

Personally, in our office in Moscow or by delivery within the Moscow region.

By delivery anywhere in the world.

In any case, we agree beforehand the condition of the detail and make a photo or a video of it if you wish.


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There are more than 500 products for the car "Chayka" in stock. Please call us to know the details.

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Phones, faxes:

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Opening hours:

Mo.-Su: 10:00 - 19:00
Without breaks and days off.